Span Track

Manufactured by Unex, span track is an innovative carton flow solution that drops into your existing structures to create a robust flow system to your operation. It can be added to any new or existing pallet rack to create a gravity flow system. Typically used span track can be installed using a specialized clip that fits on top of your existing beam. They have been engineered to create the ultimate picking environment for all your operations. So why should you choose span track, below are 4 great reasons.

  1. Superior Flow.  

Do you want all your operations to have superior flow? If yes then span tracks is the ultimate solution for you. With this product, you can reduce hang ups and imprinting with up to 300% more surface area for conveying product compared to other carton flow options. Span track bed and span track lane will ensure that all your products to flow smoothly thus enhancing your productivity.

  1. Flexibly.

Another unique feature that makes span track to stand out from other is its flexibility. With this amazing product, you can create dynamic storage with drop in design that can perfectly fit in any pallet track. This amazing product also have variety of capacity options and accessories that can greatly help to improve your operations pickabilty score. All that you have to do is simply to adjust the beam to optimize product clearance and pitch.

    1. Efficiency.

Span track is not only reliable but also efficient. With this amazing product you organize and condense inventory in such a way that they consume less space. This machine can increases space utilization by up to 50%. The loads are also supported on an incline meaning that they actually don’t need intermediate shelf support. It is also possible to accelerate order picking with better visibility and access to SKUs. The travel time between to two successive pick is also small.


The conveyor of this amazing machine is made of tough stainless steel that can last for many years. You can be sure that you will never worry about maintenance for seven years thanks to strong quality materials that have been used to build span track. Even if you choose high capacity option of 100lbs per foot you should never worry that the machine will malfunction. All materials used to make this machine are of high quality and are able to withstand tough conditions be it very hot temperatures or very cold temperatures.